Scarce science under the Trump administration

Examining policies that will affect the U.S. chemistry enterprise in 2018

Chemically strengthened glass finds a new application

Ford starts using the lightweight, tough material that keeps your cell phone safe in one of its cars

Periodic graphics: The chemistry of wildfires

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains wildfire combustion and its impact on human health and the environment

Pfizer becomes latest firm to exit neuroscience R&D

Pfizer drops early development as Shire establishes dedicated divisions

Iranian oil tanker burns after collision off China coast

Spill off China coast could be three times as large as from the Exxon Valdez

Radio telescope spots aromatic molecule for first time

Detecting benzonitrile in space could help astronomers zero in on what else is out there

Chemjobber shares his tips on overcoming procrastination

We’re all guilty of putting things off. Here are some tips to overcome the inertia

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